Online Textbooks

Think Central (Go Math)

NYCDOE has chosen Go Math by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for Grades K-5: The online portal for this textbook is called ThinkCentral.

Pearson Success

A number of curriculum materials that we have used in the past are published by Pearson and are still accessible as resources to teachers, students, and parents. Log in to go view resources from the following curricula: Reading Street K-6, Envision Math K-6, Envision Math Common Core K-6, Prentice Hall Mathematics Courses 1-3 (grades 6-8), Prentice Hall Integrated Algebra (Gr 8/HS), Pearson Algebra (Gr 8/HS), Prentice Hall Geometry (HS), PH Algebra2/Trigonometry (HS) PearsonSuccessnet is also used for user account management (password changes, etc.) for other Pearson online portals such as MyMathUniverse/Dash which is used for CMP3( gr 6-8).

Glencoe/McGraw Hill publishes several textbooks that our middle school has used in the past as well as ones that we currently use. Log in here to access our currently used middle school science textbooks: Glencoe NY Science 6, Glencoe NY Science 7, Glencoe NY Science 8. You can also log in here to access mathematics curricula formerly selected by NYC DOE: Impact Math Courses 1-3 (gr 6-8) 2004 & Impact Math Courses 1-3 (gr 6-8) 2009.